The Story of Soit Belle

Soit Belle Jewelry was founded in 2014, starting from one boutique store located in the heart of Dubai at one of the most prestigious malls, Wafi Mall. The company has been on a rapid rise ever since.

Soit Belle Jewelry is inspired by Beauty for Beauty. Our company got its name from a blend of the names of our founder’s three beloved daughters, who all share his passion for jewelry. As such, Soit Belle means “the beautiful lady.”

The superior jewelry craftsmanship and exceptional watch-making excellence synonymous with the Soit Belle brand have since been beautifying all our customers worldwide. 

To create a world where you don’t have to pay over the top before you can acquire the pieces of jewelry, watches, and other accessories your heart desires and look your exquisite best has always been Soit Belle Jewelry’s goal, and we have accomplished so much over the years.

Made One piece at a time

The personal vision behind each piece is thought out, hand-drawn on paper, and then adjusted to what works. Once the design is right, each piece is hand-finished, giving it a characteristic human touch and exhibiting the centuries old craftsmanship that gives our pieces a unique emotional value.

Ageless Elegance

The archives have been crucial to Soit Belle’s endurance, so everything is fresh and new, but has elements that are nostalgic and historical.

Our Boutique

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