The Beauty of Pearls - Cultivating Appreciation for Nature's most Coveted Jewels"

Culture pearls have been used for centuries to accentuate the beauty of garments and other jewelry pieces. Pearl jewelry is widely accepted for its durability, attractiveness, timelessness and exquisite beauty. Often called the “queen of gems”, these unique organic gems have been appreciated by cultures around the world since ancient times.

In the ancient world, the pearl was the world’s first currency and historically, royal families and nobility have treasured culture pearls. Modern pearls are still highly sought after and admired and you will find pearl jewelry in nearly any culture or country. Some of the best natural pearls in the world came from the oysters living in the warm, shallow waters of the Gulf. Pearls came to represent wealth and power from the shores of India to the Mediterranean and beyond. The Romans considered pearls to be a symbol of luxury, but they were restricted to royals and the aristocracy.

In today’s world, pearls are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Depending on the type of pearl, luster and size.