Diamonds are a symbol of luxury and beauty. They are the hardest natural rocks known to us and have been revered by cultures around the world for thousands of years.
Diamonds are composed of carbon and found deep within the Earth’s mantle. The highest quality diamonds are colorless and emit incredible brilliance and luster. Diamonds are found in the form of transparent stones but can also naturally occur in other colors, such as yellow, brown, pink, blue and green.
Diamonds come in a variety of clarity grades based on the presence or absence of visible blemishes or inclusions. Flawless diamonds are the rarest ones and usually have the highest monetary value.
Diamonds come in various shapes, and they are the substance most associated with the entertainment of a woman's heart. Every diamond shape has its own characteristics and story. Whether it's princess, round, cushion, emerald, pear, or radiant, each artistically crafted diamonds shape holds unique beauty and charm.